Bink Animated Short is Finished & Ready to Share on June 28th!

I know it has been awhile since I posted on here, but things have been pretty busy.  On May 1st my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world, and she is absolutely amazing.  She is a very easy going baby, but having another kid takes some getting used to.

This alone is enough to keep me busy, but we have also been extremely busy with the company.  We have been working hard on our client projects, and we have now finished episode 1 for them, and currently working on 3 others at the same time.  The first episode will be released July 1st, and then one each month after.

If this was not enough we have also been doing our best to finish the first episode of Bink.  I knew we would be releasing the client project in July, and I really wanted Bink to be the first animation my company released.  I’m happy to say we finished the last shot in lighting yesterday, and we got everything finished in editing today.  Which I feel is a bit poetic, since today also happens to be my birthday.  I think this is a nice birthday present, and combine it with my two amazing kids, a wonderful wife, and I could not be happier.

So yeah, Bink is done, and that is really hard to believe.  I now have the final edit of Bink, and now only waiting for the release date. We have been working on it for over a year as many of you are all aware.  My big fear now is since I have been talking about it for so long everyone’s exceptions are really high.  While it is beautiful it is also very short. Not counting title and credits it is only 30 seconds.  It will take you longer to read this post then it will to watch Bink 5 times.

We started out with the goal of making an animated short to show the quality of work the studio could produce.  I Planned for each episode to be very short quick jokes, but the series when watched together will have an overarching story that will unfold.  I was hoping to have several episodes done by this point, but we were not working on this full time, so it took us awhile to finish this first episode.  It was also a great learning experience, and we all learned a great deal along the way.

It feels really good to finally have it finished, but I’m also very nervous.  When you invest so much of your time in something you become protective of it.  I can imagine this feeling might be similar to the one I will have when I drop my kids off at school for the first time.  You might ask yourself will they be OK, will the other kids like them?  Well, I find myself asking will Bink be OK, and will the other kids like him?  I hope you all love Bink as much as I do, and find yourself wanting to see more of him at the end of this very short 1st episode.

This Sunday I’m hosting a Bink Screening and Wrap party for all the crew and their invited guests.  I’m very excited to share the finished short with all of them as some of them have not seen anything from when they were on the project.  No matter how small or large of a part each of them played in making Bink, I’m forever grateful for all of their help.  This event will be about celebrating their amazing talent and contributions in bringing Bink to life.

I will be attempting to do a couple Facebook Live videos of the event, so be on the look-out on your Facebook feeds on Sunday evening. You won’t be able to see the short though until this Tuesday, June 28th.  An awesome birthday present is if you can all help me share Bink with as many people as possible.  Post the video link on all your social media accounts, email it to everyone in your contact books, and lets see how many views we can get.

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