Eric Miller Animation July 2016 Company Update

We have had a lot going on these last few weeks, so I thought it be a good time for the July 2016 Company Update.

Bink: Hopefully all of you have seen the first episode of Bink by now.  Through our different postings there has been over 50,000 people who have watched our yellow and blue little creature, so I think this is pretty good for our first animated short.  I have never been an expert when it came to YouTube, so before launching Bink I did a lot of research on the best practices.  Things like the best day of the week and time to post to get the most views, or should I post it as a Facebook video, a YouTube link, or a website link.

Bink Week!


I wanted to share with all of you how Bink week went.  We released the first episode of Bink last Tuesday, June 28th, but the fun started two days before.  I hosted the Bink Screening & Wrap Party on Sunday for many of the Cast & Crew, and invited guests.  I think the event went really well and was a great start to Bink Week.  There was one thing I wish would have been different, and this was I hurt my ankle pretty bad a few hours before the start of the event trying to get things setup.  Talk about completely derailing a lot of your plans.  Luckily, I had some really awesome people to help make sure everything got setup before the event.