Gaining Momentum

I sometimes look at starting a company like trying to push a boulder from its resting position in hopes of gaining momentum.

If you have no experience in “boulder moving” then you may find it difficult to even budge it.  You’ll start off trying to push it this way and that, adjusting your stance, or maybe even recruiting some friends to help.

At first it may seem impossible, and an average person would most likely give up.  You might get “lucky” and have something slingshot the boulder without you having to do anything.  This may seem like a great thing, but the first time you run into trouble you will find yourself back at the beginning.  Without learn how to get a boulder moving then you will have to learn it the next time you loose your momentum and come to a stop.  It is best to go through the struggle of learning how to move the boulder on your own.  That does not mean you can’t get advice or help from people who have already moved a boulder, but you need to make sure you understand how it is done.

It will be a slower process, but it will give you an understanding of your boulder that is priceless. You will eventually learn how to get your boulder rocking, and by using its own momentum to rock it more and more.  Finally it begins to roll, and as you continue to push you gain more momentum.  It beings to roll faster, and faster.

Once you have that momentum it is easier to keep it moving.  Now that you don’t have to work so hard at getting it to move you can focus on what direction you want to take it.  Early on the boulder is smaller, and easier to steer in the direction you want it to go.

Congratulations! You got your boulder moving, and now the fun begins.

When I started my company I was prepared for the struggle to figure out how to get the company moving.  Before I had a chance I got our first project with Toys”R”Us, and it slingshotted the company moving full speed.  This was amazing until the project ended, and I found I was quickly loosing momentum, and did not have a clue on how to keep things moving.  I never had the chance to learn how to get the company moving, so I found myself frantically trying different approaches to keep things going.  Nothing was working, and we eventually lost all our momentum.

I took this opportunity to really learn my business, and figure out the direction I wanted to push it.  I must have changed my mind several hundred times while I tried things out.  I now have a path laid out, and I have been working to get the company moving in that direction.  I feel that these last couple weeks I have finally got things rocking.

I’m excited to help the company gain momentum as it continues to grow.  Please keep following this blog to see where we go.


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