Getting ready for the next project to begin.

Get Ready

This has been another very busy week for me.  I have spent most of my time putting a team of artists together for my next project.  Shooting starts on Monday, and we will start working on the VFX as soon as mid next week.  This time around we have a bigger team, at least double the size of last time, and it takes some time sorting through portfolios looking for the gems.  Often when you find someone they are busy working on other projects.  I think we have a great team so far, and I’m still looking for a few more people and I think we will be good.

Next week I will be on set for the shoot, which is always exciting.  Being in animation for years the live action side can be somewhat very foreign to me.  I tend to feel like a fish out of water on a live action set.  Luckily I only have one job, and as long as I focus on doing a good job with that I can sit back and enjoy the show.

As odd as it might sound I’m also really excited for the food.  They have the best catering service, and it is some of the most amazing food!  I have found that a lot of my life revolves around food.  While working from home and watching Kelton I have not always had a lot of time to prepare meals, and often eat like a college student.  Mac&Cheese, Ramon Noodles, and most things that have “instant” in the title.

Hopefully my meals for this next project will be better since we are hiring a nanny to help out with Kelton.  We asked our last nanny to come back, but she has limited availability, so we may need to get a second person to cover the other days.  That is what I spent the other half of my time on this week… looking for a nanny.

Depending on how next week goes I may or may not have time to write a post. I will do my best to give at least an update on how things are going. Have a great weekend everyone, and a great week next week.


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