Animation for Uncle Sam through government contracts

Since it’s a Federal holiday I thought it was appropriate to talk about one of the avenues I am exploring to find work.

The United States Government is the world’s largest purchaser of goods and services, spending over $536 Billion in 2011.  In addition to that through legislation such as the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and the Small Business Act the Federal Government is required to set aside at least 23% of all contracting dollars exclusively for small business.

Owning a small business myself I thought it be worth it for me to check it out, and see if there are any contracts for animation.  It took about a week for me to get through all the forms they require you to fill out, but I’m now able to start bidding on contracts.  Now I just need to figure out how to do that…

You may be asking what government projects are there in animation?  Well I thought that myself, but learned that there are actually a bunch.  For example, in California there is a commercial that is currently airing for Flex Alerts.  I would imagine this was one of the contracts that was bid on by different animation/motion graphic companies.

I’m often looking for animated commercials as I watch TV these days, so I might notice them more then others.  I’m always looking to see what is out there, and find out who is doing what.

I will keep you all updated on if anything ever comes out of these government contracts.  It could be a good source of income if I can figure it out.

Hope you are having a great Columbus Day!


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