Sink or Swim

You have made it to my third post, and by now I’m sure you have realized I’m not much of a writer. Most my friends would be shocked to find out I’m even writing a blog. As much I would like to believe that my words are poetry, I know that they are not. You have to start somewhere, and I know as I continue to write my writing will improve. I feel this is true with many things in life, including this adventure I’m about to take. You see… I have also never started an animation company. Not many people can say that they have, and there is not a wealth of books out there on the subject. Most of the people who have written about it has not actually started one themselves. I do however have over 6 years experience working at one of the major animation studios, and have been researching everything I could on this topic for at least 15 years. I can read and learn as much as I want, but I feel the best way to learn it is by actually doing it. Sink or swim. As with writing this blog, this whole process will be a learning curve, and hopefully I will get better at both along the way. You will get to see me grow, as I figure all this out. Please be patient with me, but I also encourage you to be an active member of this journey. Share your thoughts by leaving comments, and help me along the way.

A Boy and His Dream

Glad you are still with me for my second post! Now that you know a little about what the blog will be about let me tell you a little about myself, and where this dream of mine came from. I was born in Canton, Ohio on June 23, 1981, and was the 3rd of eventual 4 sons. My father was a salesman, and after loosing his job started his own company selling golf course products. My mother was a nurse working in labor and delivery for many years. I have fond memories of my childhood, and I have my parents to thank for that.  As most kids, I did not know what I would end up doing when I grew up, but as most kids I had some crazy ideas. What I wanted to do changed throughout childhood, until my dream finally turned into what it is today. Let me explain how my dream evolved over time.